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The Products

Model 2001

Picture of Mobilarm
Remote alarm

Remote access control

Remote Monitoring

Remote control

Alarm notification message direct to your mobile phone.
Set and Clear alarm from your mobile phone.
Secure - access only from numbers 'authorised' by you.
Uses pre-payment phone with no rental contract.
Remotely read credit balance of pre-payment tariff.
Low consumption (10mA) 12/24Volt powered unit.
Remotely switch equipment on and off.
Customise your messages.
Monitor your remote equipment battery voltage.
Know your boat or equipments whereabouts by Cell location.

Recently added features

Optional GPS receiver for exact location.
Optional GPS movement alarm.
'Listen through' to hear what is going on.
Second alarm notification number which you can choose to use or not.
Ability to handle credit in different currencies.
Optional third switched output.
Supply overcharging (high battery) alarm.
Remote support from agents or manufacturer by SMS.
Movement alarm can be switched on and off.
Multiple message retry for congested networks.

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Model 2003b

Picture of Model 2003b
Compact IP66

Remote alarm

Remote Control

Remote Monitoring

Alarm message direct to your mobile phone.
Four inputs or outputs individually programmable.
Alarms programmable for 24/7 or armed operation.
Optional normal after alarm message.
Programmable 'Open' or 'Secure' access.
Pre-payment or contract SIMs.
Credit balance/alarm on pre-payment tariff.
Low consumption (18mA) 12/24Volt powered unit.
Customise the messages.
Monitor and alarm on equipment's battery voltage.
Retrieve equipment's whereabouts by Cell location.

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