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You can see below the applications are many and only limited by imagination.  If you have an idea call us to see if we can do it.


- Intruder/Vandalism Alarm

- Movement theft/dragging mooring

- Monitor bilges

- Operate bilge pump

- Control auxiliary generator

- Monitor battery state

- Low Cost alternative to satellite systems

Plant, Vehicles and Equipment

- Intruder/Movement/Vandalism Alarm

- Location guide

- Monitor Battery state and condition

- Remote operation/immobilisation

Industrial and Commercial

- Lone Worker Protection

- Flexible Notification

- Add-on Dialler

- Temporary Alarm Systems

- Can eliminate Monitoring Charges

- Industrial Telemetry and Control

- Remote call-out and service operations

- Vending/games machine monitoring

- Secure remote computer re-boot

- Marquee/Exhibition security


- Add-on Dialler to existing system

- Remotely operate garage door or gate

- Secure unattended deliveries

- Remotely operate heating and lighting systems

- Provide remote door entry phone system

- Confirmation of your monitoring service performance

- Monitor well-being of elderly/less fit family members

- DIY or Neighbourhood Watch alarm monitoring service

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or call +44 (0)23 9238 6602
or fax +44 (0)23 9261 7230
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