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An Installation on a Boat

The pictures show a simple installation in a sailing boat. The alarm unit is mounted between the auxiliary engine and the diesel fuel tank underneath one of the seats next to the cabin table.

Mobilarm beside fuel tank
The Mobilarm Model 2000 unit can be seen screwed to the side of the seat base. The cabling for power and the alarm switch run into the engine compartment next door to the fuel lines. The unitís externally mounted mobile phone can be clearly seen - itís bright blue. To the right are the steps out of the cabin.
The cabin table can be seen to the bottom left of the picture. The diesel tank can be seen in the base of the seat. The engine cover forms part of the steps from the cabin. The Mobilarm unit can just be seen in the base of the seat to the right of the diesel tank.
Seat Base and Table
Entrance from Cockpit
A simple microswitch is used as the alarm sensor. A reed and magnet would probably be more reliable. Moving the hatch cover operates the switch and alarm.
Replacing the seat cushions hides the Alarm unit from a casual glance giving the unit ample time to call out when an intruder breaks in.
Seat with Cushions replaced

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